Essential Bridalwear Accessories

After choosing a wedding dress and gown, it’s time to look for the bridal accessories. Here we look at some of the most essential accessories needed. This is a detailed article about the most important accessories and how it plays a role in the complete look you want to achieve. These accessories include everything from shoes to jewellery and even hair accessories.

These are the most essential accessories needed.

Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories - Essential Bridalwear Accessories

Wearing hair accessories is up to the bride since you are going to wear a veil, but some brides are more interested in hair accessories than veils.

If choosing not to wear a veil, you can consider combs and hairclips specifically designed to suit bridalwear.


Shoes are one of the more obvious accessories needed for a wedding day but choosing the correct shoes for a wedding can become quite a challenge. Choosing the shoes before the time is important to see that the gown and shoes fit perfectly well together.

Bridal Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery - Essential Bridalwear Accessories

Bridal jewellery does not include the engagement ring or wedding band. When considering which jewellery to get for the wedding day, it’s important to invest in the right jewellery to suit the wedding dress, sash, and shoes. Bridal jewellery include a necklace or just one or two carefully chosen pieces to fit the overall look.


Gloves are especially important when the wedding dress and overall look of the wedding day are vintage inspired. Gloves can contribute to the overall vintage look of the dress and other accessories. Fabrics most common include lace, crochet, and satin. Some gloves are designed to only cover up to the wrist where others can cover up to the elbow.


Sashes are an important accessory if your dress does not have a lot of detail or embroidery. It helps to incorporate more detail into the look and the bride can include some of her styles into the special day. Sashes come in many different styles including natural, glitter, and some have crystals.

These are all essential accessories to add to the full bridal outfit. Take into consideration which style all the accessories should fit into.